Project Description

Project Description

CLIMATLANTIC aims at developing strategies at regional and local level towards the reduction of the carbon footprint in the European Atlantico Area. The project will focus in four essential issues: mobility, energy, territorial management and social behaviour; developing concrete strategies to be validated through pilot actions. As a final product, partners will create a common strategy for the Atlantic Area, based on the four thematic strategies.

To implement a global project, the work plan will be executed in two steps: technical and politic. In this framework, the project will be developed following these steps:

1. Constitution of four think tanks with experts from all partners. These working groups will aim to boost exchange and creation of knowledge among their members to define common strategies.
2. Validation of the strategies through a set of joint transnational pilot action. The think tanks will analyze and validate the pilot actions prior to execution. Once finished, think tank experts will capitalize the contributions and results of the pilot experiences.
3. Promotion of an Atlantic debate with regional and local authorities with the collaboration of existing networks of regional and local authorities such as Conference of Atlantic Arch Cities.
4. Final congress and joint approval of a Strategic Atlantic Agenda for Sustainable Urban Development for the reduction of carbon footprint aiming at increasing cohesion, competitiveness and sustainable development.
5. Dissemination of the Agenda to National Authorities in the Atlantic Area and the European Institutions.

More information about this project can be requested to:
Marta Cabanas: eu@eixoatlantico.com