GrandAngoulême is a local government gathering 15 municipalities for a total of 103000 inhabitants.

An appreciated location
Ideally located on the North to West European logistical route, the Town of Angoulême is the gateway to the South-West region and already benefits from its quality of life. Less than an hour drive from the Dordogne, the Medoc or Cognac, this territory offers its inhabitants a fast access (1h15) to the beaches of the Atlantic coast and to medium mountain enjoyments in the Massif Central.

A local council with a lot of competencies
GrandAngoulême has different responsibilities to improve their way of life :
- collection and treatment of households solid wastes and wastewaters
- organization of wastes sorting
- economic development
- water supply
- organizing the different way of moving, and especially bus transportation
- inform inhabitants to the protection of their environment
- define a global warming action plan at the urban scale
- urban management
- natural heritage preservation and valorisation
- households local plan

A major industrial area
The historical industrial basin of Angoulême has around 200 companies of more than 10 employees, gathered in around 15 industrial parks. More than 30 international companies thus employ almost 7,000 people. Indeed, they can assure their development on a central axis located near the Western big metropolises, Nantes and Bordeaux Main topics treated are graphic, electrical and mechanical industries.

An action towards the environment protection:
For more than 15 years GrandAngoulême developed:
- a census of its natural heritage and the creation of four interpretative trails
- school training programmes on topics such as : climate change, wastes, natural heritage, water resources
- information tools on environmental topics : exhibition, calendars, posters, videos,
- a specific area dedicated to environmental education, l’ECOPOLE, placed near wastewater treatment plan and wastes composting platform

Its action is now focused on a climate change mitigation programme with :
- development of renewable energy and energy consumption reduction action plan
- development of a new urban transport scheme integrating electromobility
- animation of a 90 companies and municipalities network committed in the climate change local charter

A council linked to Europe :
GrandAngoulême is part of the European programmes Interreg IV B Imagina Atlantica and Climatlantic.

It is as well link to the Hyramp project focused on electromobility