EIXO ATLANTICO is a supra-municipal cross-border entity in charge of defining common strategies for its members, 34 cities from Galicia (Spain) and the North of Portugal.

Created in 1992 with the European Commission support, it was supported by Dr. Mário Soares, President of Portuguese Republic at that moment.

Since more than 17 years, the Eixo Atlantico works for territorial cohesion and a cohesive structuration of the urban system in the Eurorregion, as well as for the modernisation of its members through cooperation, exchange of knowledge and joint strategic planning.

Eixo Atlantico works under EU 2020 PRIORITIES:

··Sustainable Development
We have recently create the first Cross-border Urban Ecology Agency for Galicia and the North of Portugal, with the support of both Regional Goverments concerned.
·· Innovation
Modernisation is a must for us. Since 2 years we have been working in a Digital Local Agenda for the Eurorregion. We are working in cooperation with partners from all Europe.
·· Territorial and Social cohesion
Under this pillar we work in transport issues and for the enhancement of heritage, culture and tourism to boost endogenous potential of our cities. Eg. Eurorregional Capital of Culture.

Developing its cooperation activities, the Eixo Atlántico works mainly in the following fields:

- Modernisation of Administration, as a way to generate new services more effective to citizens.
- Sustainable Development, as an instrument to optimize urban planning.
- Culture; one of the main priorities of action to bring Eurorregional structures near to citizens.
- Tourism, to develop the internal touristic potential of the 34 cities of the Eixo Atlantico as a mean for further socioeconomic development.
- Sports, as axis to bring together cities and citizens.
- Social Development , working in new organisational models and good practices in social and training fields.
- Transport, to analyse the evolution and results of regional policies and make recommendations.