Seminar to present CLIMATLANTIC results

Seminar to present CLIMATLANTIC results


Next October 2nd, Eixo Atlantico organizes a seminar at the Portuguese REPER in Brussels, to present the results of CLIMATLANTIC and their link with the future Atlantic strategy, which is currently debated in Brussels.

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All partners of the project will be represented at the seminar. In addition, there also will be representatives of the European Commission (DG REGIO and DG MARE) and representatives of the CCDRN, which is the Managing Authority of the Atlantic Area Interreg Cooperation Programme.

The seminar will focus on presenting the main steps towards a future Atlantic strategy and how CLIMATLANTIC results can contribute to the debate and to improve this strategy. Therefore, the experts will present the main conclusions of the think tank (main output of the project) and they also will take part of the debate with the European Commission representatives.

This seminar is open to all stakeholders interested in the Atlantic strategy and, in particular, to those interested to know how local and regional actions can contribute to this strategy through the reduction of carbon footprint.

The registration to the seminar is free and it is open until September 26th. If you want to register, just send the registration form to: adm.eu@eixoatlantico.com

Download PDF

Download PDF