EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change

EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change


Adaptation to climate change is crucial for reducing the risk and damage from current and future impacts of climate change in a cost-effective manner and to exploit potential benefits. The European Commission is currently developing an EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change.

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This Strategy will be launched at a conference that brings together policy makers and practitioners working on adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The one-day event will provide an opportunity to present and discuss the EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change, the framework it establishes, its main focus areas and suggested actions. The overall goal is to support coherent, multi-level, multi-sector integrated adaptation policies in the EU.

By complementing the activities of its Member States, the EU can support action by promoting greater coordination and information sharing between Member States, and by ensuring that adaptation considerations are addressed in all relevant EU policies.

Furthermore, engaging with the private sector at EU level is crucial to pave the ground for mutually acceptable “benefit-risk balances” with regard to a fair return for the risks both the public and private sector face. This is especially important for sectors of economic significance that are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts.

To participate in this event, please fill in the registration form: http://registration.ecologic-events.eu/launch-eu-strategy-adaptation-climate-change

Agenda (http://ec.europa.eu/clima/events/0069/docs/agenda_en.pdf)