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Evaluation of the Energy Show and the Masterclass in Social Media& Digital Marketing

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The South - East Regional Authority ran two very successful and well attended Masterclasses in Social Media & Digital Marketing during the Energy Show hosted by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) on 12 th March 2014. The Masterclasses were funded under the INTERREG IVB CLIMATLANTIC project which is now in its dissemination and capitalisation phase.

The Energy Show is a two day annual flagship event for professionals in the energy sector and showcases leading suppliers of sustainable energy products and services from Ireland and Europe. See www.seai.ie for further information. The Energy Show was a huge success and provided exhibitors with an opportunity for business to exhibit the latest developments in energy efficiency and renewable energy technology.

The Masterclass in Social Media Marketing was beneficial to participantsí who are in the business of promoting and selling renewable energy concepts and products. It was highly participative, practical and relevant with an emphasis on broadening participantsí knowledge and providing value - added competencies in the area of Social Media & Digital Marketing and its benefits to the sustainable energy sector.

The Masterclass enabled participantsí to develop skills to make the most of sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. Feedback from participant was very positive especially in the area of the use of social media for creating online profiles, brand development, selling products and developing connections with existing and new customers.

Link to a short clip of the highlights of day one of the show:

Energy Policy Presentation in Power Point:

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