7th Symposium on the Atlantic Iberian Margin (MIA 2012)

7th Symposium on the Atlantic Iberian Margin (MIA 2012)


The Symposium on the Atlantic Iberian Margin, with well-established tradition in the scientific community, is successfully organized every three years since 1994.

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The symposium aims at bringing together researchers from diverse scientific disciplines and different institutions contributing to build up knowledge under holistic and integrative perspectives on past, present and future processes acting the Iberian Atlantic Margin.

More than ever, deepening of knowledge on the biological and geological diversity of coastal and marine environments is required to face present and future challenges and opportunities related with exploitation and management of the coast, shelf and deep sea in terms of resources, pollution and risks arising from extreme events or sea level changes, among many others. The 2012 conference adds to previous editions the aim of expanding all work themes addressed to island shelves and slopes.

More information: http://www.fc.ul.pt/en/conferencia/mia-2012