Second Meeting of The Atlantic Forum in Brest

Second Meeting of The Atlantic Forum in Brest


The maritime strategy for the Atlantic Ocean adopted by the European Commission on 21 November 2011 as part of its Integrated Maritime Policy outlined a number of areas where there is scope for EU-level action to support the coastal and maritime economies of Member States along the Atlantic seaboard.

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An Atlantic Forum has been established to bring together stakeholders at both national and regional level to drive a process forward that will support the European Commission in preparing an Action Plan comprising key investment and research priorities for the Atlantic economy.
It is in this context that the French Minister of Transport, the Sea and Fisheries, the French Secretary General for the Sea, the President of Brest city council and the Director-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission, will participate in the second workshop of the Atlantic Forum, entitled   « Innovation at the service of a low carbon economy ». This event will be held in Brest – Brittany, France, on 29 -30 October 2012 at Le Quartz Brest Congrès (Square Beethoven - 60 rue du Château, 29200 BREST).
Three parallel sessions will address the following issues:
1.- the marine renewable energy sector,
2.- sustainable maritime transport and
3.- maritime safety and security.

A draft agenda for the workshop is attached. You are invited to register for the workshop via this link (attention: places are limited):