Climatlantic at the 1st European Border Congress

Climatlantic at the 1st European Border Congress


The Congress will bring together for the first time all the European borders, and will allow CLIMATLANTIC to present the results of its work in specific sessions dedicated to the future of the Atlantic Area strategy.

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The first European Congress of borders will be held the next 25 and 26 of June in A Coruņa. Organized by CECICN (Conference of European Cross-border and Interregional City Networks), the event comes at a time when the financial and political rules are being discussed for the next programming period 2014-2020, and when the Atlantic Area must consolidate its strategy for the next years.

The current economic crisis is causing that the social Europe and the Europe of citizens designed by Jacques Delors is being replaced for the Europe of bailouts, markets and spending cuts. Now is time for the European territories and areas to decide their future, to consider the different solutions for the crisis, whether through the submission to purely market-based measures, which do not take into account the particular characteristics of each territory, or to find a better way and recover the true spirit of European integration.

In this context, CLIMATLANTIC will take advantage of the interest raised by the Congress to present the results of almost two years of work. In this sense, the Congress has organized specific sessions about the future of the Atlantic Area, where CLIMATLANTIC and its partners have an important role to play, introducing the designed strategy and contributing to the debate with the different stakeholders and the National and DG REGIO authorities, which are the responsible of the future Atlantic Strategy.

The registration is open

The event will be open for debate and different ideas. The different thoughts will be expressed first in the Conferences and especially in the debates to be held in the different workshops, which have been precisely designed to allow everyone to express its position. These opinions will be subsequently submitted to the European institutions and political leaders. To participate in this event you only have to fulfill the application form that you will find at www.cecicn.eu