Climatlantic Study visit (Quimper)


-Encourage exchange of experiences
-Favour transnational synergies in urban and sustainable regional development
-Share a methodology of population and stakeholders consultation in sustainable development project

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Wednesday 11th April 2012

14:30-15:30Presentation of 2 Climatlantic pilot actions in Quimper Communauté
- Study on potential development of renewable energies on Quimper Communaute area
Jocelyne L’Hyver & Denez L’Hostis
-Organization of the energy reduction competition

15:30-17:30 Sustainable Energy and waste
Visit of the treatment unit of household wastes and presentation of the cogeneration system
Visit of greenhouses using a part of the energy produced (subject)

A Dinner will be planned

Thursday 12th April 2012

This morning is integrated on an event on “Local sustainable energy action plan in Cornouaille” organized by the economic development Agency, Quimper Cornouaille development.
In France, this procedure has to include a consultation through stakeholders and population. In order to meet this stake, Quimper Cornouaille Development has decided to organize a one-day event with thematic workshops on:
-housing and urbanism
-Agriculture and food products
-Sustainable mobility
-Merchandise transportation


9:30 Welcome
10:00 Introduction by Denez L'Hostis and JC Sacre
10:30 What's a Local sustainable energy action plan?
10:45 Presentation of the Climate profile if the Cornouaille
11:30 Exchange with attendees

Lunch 12:00-13:30

13:30-15:30 Participation to 1 thematic workshop (at your choice)

-housing and urbanism
-Agriculture and food products
-Sustainable mobility
-Merchandise transportation


For each thematic workshop
Presentation of the thematic context
Expression of local projects/actions on the topic concerned
Exchange with attendees in order to identify propositions of actions

Restitution of workshops